The idea of an Electric Vehicle has always been a good one,its always been in the storage of power that we have fallen short. Now that lithium has come so far and become so much more affordable, people are able to utilize the potential of electric vehicles. There are so many cool EVs out there that I'm surprised I don't see more of them in everyday life. There are electronic scooters, skateboards, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and suvs, Golf carts, trucks, and  boats. They are so versatile all you really need is a motor and a power-supply/battery bank with power and away  that power source with more power. Not only is it responsible and good for the environment, but oh my god, there is so much torque, so much power that a gas or combustion motor will soon bee a thing of the past thing. Get on board now Well it's still somewhat affordable and enjoy yourself, Taking what I have I'm sure you'll have some fun while being responsible at the same time.