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Mission Statement

I am currently living what I thought was my dream as a teenager of living on a boat. While it is really cool and has that freedom factor to go where and when I want with my whole house instead of a bag or two, there are some big drawbacks. Like an HVAC system running constantly in the background. Sure, if i'm attached to a dock It's like living in a tiny home shaped a little oddly, but on anchor it's a different story. Then factor in that she is an old boat needing some work constantly. Power tools, lights in the engine room, starting battery-generator. In creating a solar/wind/water turbine system to be able to power everything I came to realize how easy it could be to not have that be a problem anymore. Then I came to realize how many times in the past I've had to deal with the same situation on land too. Weather it's a storm, car accident, or just an aged transformer. Welcome Lithium-Solar to the world. I've searched, and estimated, and searched some more to find a company that can do what I need without having enough debt to equal a doctorate in physics from the best Ivy league college . Turns out there is not one out there. So, I researched other avenues and paths to accomplish my goal, dug deep into my knowledge, read some books, watched some youtube.com videos, joined some forums for everything electrical in nature. After conquering the internet, I found that it is not terribly difficult, if not a long and tedious, to do what I need at a significant difference in price. With a little planning, sourcing the raw materials I can build, mail, and put a guarantee of sorts for a fraction of the cost of everyone else. Please let me know how I can do this same process for you and your family. I'll be available by phone (this is still a project, so I do still work full time), message me, or email me. We can figure out what would be best for your situation. Powerwall, small backup system, portable solar, something for a trailer/shed/RV/Boat. Simple to extreme let Lithium-Solar complete your dream.