48v 76 AH Battery Bank for Golf Cart/ Solar Power Wall

There is nothing more annoying than using your golf cart in the morning to cruise around and hang out with friends and family only to not be able to do it again at night!! If your anything like me than you know what I'm talking about. The lead acid batteries that cost upwards of $1000.00 take 6-8 hours to get to an 80% CHARGE. And they only last around 3 years if you treat them well. Not this LiFePO 48 volt and 76 amp hour battery. It enjoys being charged to 80% capacity in just over a hour or so. So come home, cool off, eat some lunch all the while its helping you to get technically 2-3 times the fun. Faster acceleration because of higher discharge on the. Even better would be to add a flexible solar panel and an inexpensive PWM charge controller and be adding juice while your driving. Modules can be "Stacked, or ran in paralleled series" you can fit 3 lengthwise for 48V by 228aAH (about 90+miles) and 2 the width back to back for 48 by 253AH suyo0kk or 96V. Can easily handle up to a 400amp controller


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