Custom Golf Cart Diagnostic Battery for Use With 12v, 36v, and even 48v in one Box.

Prizmatic Dreams of Polymer and Cylinder Themes


I was talking to a gentleman about batteries when he stated he wished he had a little lithium battery that he could use instead of having to remove 6 90# batteries from the service carts, add new ones back in only to find that the contoller is bad. After a bit of discussion I went to work on making that exact item. Using a common ground base for all voltages I was able to have leads coming from all of the correct voltages with a  1/both/2/off switch and an inline fuse for safety. Its not the prettiest but I guarentee they eill look better and better as they get made over and over again.

It can be built around your specifications. Please let me know the AH and Voltage and Ill start to make your today!! Need a jump box for farm equipment, marine 12v and 24v, 5v cameras for temporary security/nature watching. Anywhere a high functioning battery is needed Ill make sure it will get the job done.

250.00 should cover most builds so please add to cart and send me an email/ call/ or instant message me to verify. I look forward to any new ideas.


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