Custom Off Grid Lithium Battery with Solar Panel

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Here at Lithium-Solar we believe that while one item might be of use to many people, many people can not use that one item to its fullest potential. We also believe that the greener and healthier option  for our planet should be available to evryone who can use it. Since most items only need a few tweeks to be more fit for an individual it feels like the best practice to offer custom solutions to everyone. 

Let us know what you want and how you will use it and after a few more questions we can configure something for you, not for "the masses".

You have our promise that just because you, instead of us, pick the options it will not cost a penny more than if that was the way we wanted to mass produce it. We will start your personalized build after you make your order with a lead time of a few days before shipping if all items are in stock. Being customized I will say it is very hard to have everything, but my suppliers are waiting on my call if something is needed. 

This is one system I have built for a woman who like to camp from a few days to a couple weeks at a time and needs a cpap machine and does not want to go without communication from friends and family for normal reasons. After discussing it with her we sad a 44AH LiIon bank running at 12vwith a 500w inverter will deliver all she needs even if it is overcast for a bit with bad weather. A 100w Solar Panel pushing 18w for charging will be capable of charging it in just a few good hours great sunlight. Add in a few safety fuses and dual USB port for he phone and flashlights to charge and there are no more concerns. With a foldable dolley or cart is easily transported to whichever scenic  view you would want. 

100w 18v monocrystal solar panel

44AH 12v LiIon battery bank

On/Off Switch

Dual 3.0 USB port

Solar Charge Controller

Misc Wire and Connectors/Fittings

Steel Ammo Can Painted Hammered Bronze (For durability, water tight, and ability to open to upgrade-diagnose an issue)

500W Inverter

399.00 plus taxes but shipping is on me  

Now thats a good deal for custom built and tailored to fit your need, just little bit less than a LiIon battery from some other companies. And yes, that does include everything as stated above. As everyones can or will be slightly different, and changes will be reflected into your cost weather its more or less.

Please give me a call, an email, or chat right here on our webpage to see what we can do for you. 


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